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The UK arm of IBG construction chemicals

Kemper System is the UK arm of IBG Construction Chemicals Group – a multinational waterproofing and coatings business with operations across Europe, North America and the Far East.

Kemperol is a complete, liquid resin based waterproofing and surfacing system, and is the only cold liquid waterproofing system applied ‘wet on wet’. It’s ideal for repair, renewal or newbuild, with specific products for different applications

Kemperol V210 is ideal for newbuild and large roof areas, with the solvent-free/odour free Kemperol 2K-PUR available for use on both refurbishment or newbuild projects and when environmental considerations are important, for example on schools and hospitals or where the business has to continue during the installation process un-hindered – all of these products have BBA certification. Finally Kemperol 1K-PUR is a ‘straight from the can’ product that is perfect for patch repairs and difficult access areas.

The waterproofing components – one, two or three-part resins – impregnate a polyester fleece which is immensely strong, durable and tear-resistant, and also provides a clear visual indication that the correct membrane thickness has been achieved.

Kemper System

The huge resource and experience of IBG Construction Chemicals Group combined with extensive knowledge and expertise has made Kemper System one of the UK’s leading waterproofing and surfacing companies, supplying specialist products and materials to the construction industry for use in repair, renewal or new-build.

Kemperol is installed only by fully trained, approved contractors.

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